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Once your account is approved by Travel Ads Network, you have access to all our travel brands merchants’ campaigns, no more application process, we got you approved already!
Profile: Update your info
Dashboard: Check your performances
Tools: Smart Links, Text Links, Search Boxes, Banners
Report: Customs reports you can download
Campaigns: Merchants’ offers description
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How does it work?
Our smart tools to insert revenue-generating links within your content keywords, you can add Search boxes and banners for a full integration.
  1. Link your content to travel brands (aka merchants)
  2. Visitors click on your links and go to the merchant website
  3. Visitors make a purchase on the merchant website
  4. You earn commission on each sale
Does it cost anything to join?
Travel Ads Network affiliate program is absolutely free. You get a commission for any sales made from your audience. You can monitor your sales from your Dashboard and get custom report in the Report tab.
Am I eligible for the TAN affiliate program?
If you are an honest affiliate willing to make money with Travel Ads Network and comply with our promotion rules, we will be glad to welcome you aboard!
How do I sign up as a TAN Publisher?
Signing up for Travel Ads Network is quick and easy. All you need to do is fill out the sign up form and wait for our confirmation. Our team will review your application within 24 hours. Once your account is approved by Travel Ads Network, you will have access to all our travel brands merchants' campaigns without any further verification. Upon account verification, you will be able to login to https://traveladsnetwork.com/report/ and track your earnings.
How do I apply for the advertisers’ campaign?
Simply choose which merchants you wish to advertise on your website, obtain your tracking links via the banners & editorial link and copy and paste the code provided into your website. This code is unique to you and enables us to report on your performance.
How do I earn money from Travel Ads Network?
We work in a way so that you will earn commissions each time there is a sale made from your visitors.
How much can I earn monthly?
The sky's the limit! Your Travel Ads Network earnings depend on how you implement the various products on your site as well as your visitors' engagement with our ads.
How and when will I get paid?
Commission payments are paid electronically. We make payment within 60 days after the ‘check-out date’ providing the value of the commission to be paid exceeds the minimum threshold. This threshold is dependent upon your selected payment currency; for further information, please contact your Account Manager.
Is there a minimum amount to cash-out my commissions ?
As we've been in the industry for a while, we understand how important it is to be able to request for a payment anytime it's needed so there is no minimum threshold whatsoever, just send an email to your affiliate manager and we will process the payment in no-time !
Why was a transaction rejected by a merchant?
Commission is only paid if transactions are validated by the merchant. (A transaction with a status of Approved may in certain circumstances subsequently be set to Rejected). A transaction may be Rejected for different reasons like cancellation or fraud for example.
How often are my reports/statistics updated?
Our reports are updated hourly throughout the day, however some transactions can take few hours to appear, depending on the actual time that the transaction took place.
How can I reach out to a support manager?
Our managers will be glad to answer any of your questions. You can email us at [email protected] or use the designated contact form available below
How do I view and update my account details?
Access your profile from the drop down below your name on the top right and update your information on each section
Profile Information
Company Information
Payment Information
Change Password
How do I apply to campaigns?
Once your account is approved by Travel Ads Network, you have access to all our brands partner campaigns, no more application process, we got you approved already! You can check the campaign details from “Campaigns”
How do I know about special campaigns?
We keep you updated on ongoing and promotional campaigns in your “Dashboard > Announcement” so you are aware of new campaign and special promotions from our brands partners and take action.
Do I need to register all my websites to promote campaigns on them?
No, instead we track your referral URL so we know where the traffic you send to travel websites is coming from. We also provide you this information in your “Dashboard > Top Pages” and “Reports > Source” so you know which of your pages and websites send most traffic and can adjust your content strategy accordingly.
How do I use the Dashboard?
Your dashboard gives you a complete overview of your performances. On top of estimated revenues, number of bookings and clicks you can see which merchant is generating most of your revenues, which pages you send most of the traffic from and stay aware of new partnerships, campaigns and promotions.
How do I use Smart Links?
Go to Tools > Smart Links and follow the guidelines here for automatic mode, and here for manual mode
How do I use a text link?
Go to Tools > Text Links and follow the guidelines here
How do I create Search Boxes?
Go to Tools > Search Boxes and follow the guidelines here
How do I create Banners?
Go to Tools > Banners and follow the guidelines here

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